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Westminster Consultants is a modern consultancy firm that provides a full range of professional services including Trade, Tax and Business Advisory and Consulting Services to leading multinational and local corporations as well as high net worth individuals across diverse industries.

We are committed to ensuring that our clientele get value for money through provision of efficient, timely and reliable services. Our firm’s strength lies in the ability to offer personalised consulting services and offer solutions to complex and often intriguing problems faced by corporations and individuals.

The firm is run by a team of highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in their respective service lines. Their exposure has also seen them engage with revenue authorites, industry regulators and government agencies in different jurisdictions in lobbying on issues affecting industry players and corporations.

They all have intimate knowledge of both the content and interpretation of tax legislation and trade-related principles and concepts. Our partners have extensive experience advising major corporations. They are qualified professionals with experience in Big Four Audit Firms both in Kenya and internationally. Through the years, the partners have gained experience working and advising clients in Kenya, Australia, Bermuda, Tanzania, the United Kingdom and Uganda. Practical experience is a key attribute of how we approach our work. Our model recognizes that senior management requires experienced, qualified assistance for their most important projects. The founders have been extensively involved over several decades in diverse areas as tax audits, formulating trade and tax policies, tax administration, tax advisory, audit and assurance services, management consulting as well as financial advisory services.

Our core values include client confidentiality and strong commitment to providing value for money, timely, effective and high-quality advisory services. The needs of our clients come first.

Our Services

Our services ranges from Trade & Customs Advisory Services, Tax Advisory & Compliance Services, Management Consulting Services, Risk, Internal Audit & Assurance and Financial Advisory Services.

Tax Advisory & Compliance Services

Taxes are a permanent cost component for your business. You will be advised on how to pay greater attention to legitimate tax planning in order to minimize your tax exposure. You will be able to manage your company wide tax risks, control costs and execute remedial measures. Our tax advisory services are as follows:

Tax Planning & Tax Risk Management

This encompasses tax planning both at individual and corporate level for resident and non-residents.The focus will be assis􀆟ng individuals and businesses to plan their tax issues in advance. This will increase certainty of the taxpayer and eliminate tax surprises.

Compliance & Tax Audits

This encompasses both internal and external audits from the revenue authorities. Internal Tax audit is where we are engaged to carry out compliance and tax health checks and report accordingly to the management. External audit will involve engaging us to facilitate or advise on an intended or ongoing tax audit by the revenue authority audit or to review a completed audit by the revenue authority.

Annual Corporate & Individual Taxes

This involves computing and assessing the annual final tax payable for both individuals and corporates, certifying the tax computations and filing the respective annual self-assessment tax returns to the revenue authorities.

Expatriates Tax Compliance and Advice (Foreign Employees)

This involves facilitating tax compliance processes for the expatriates working or planning to work in the respective countries in the region. The service also covers expatriates who have completed their employment contracts and may require tax advice on any pension or terminal payments.

Strategic and Operational Tax Compliance Services

Strategic tax planning is driven by the recognition of the fact that every business decision has a tax consequence. Decisions relating to expansion of business in the region, new processes, new contractual obligation always introduce a tax risk or a tax planning opportunity. Our approach is to analyse any proposed transaction to determine the most tax efficient way of structuring such transactions.

Tax Research

We conduct research on tax related matters and submit proposals to the relevant authorities for consideration, where findings may require policy and legislative changes. We conduct tax research both for the benefit of taxpayers and making meaningful contribution to tax policies and as a service where the company may be contracted by any taxpayer or agencies to conduct a tax research.

Tax Objections & Appeals

In circumstances where there are reasonable grounds to object to a tax assessment by the revenue authority, we can be contracted to assess the basis of the assessment and lay grounds for the objection. Should the objection and other tax negotiations fail, we can also to facilitate a tax appeal against the unsatisfactory objection decision.

Property and Investments Tax Management

Just like all other taxes, property taxes have become one of the key areas of focus for the revenue authorities. We provide specific advice on proper tax management of property and other investments for both existing owners, those intending to purchase property and those selling or intending to sell their property.

Tax Negotiation and Arbitration

This involves facilitating negotiations and arbitrations between the revenue authorities and the taxpayer in circumstances where there are differences in assessments before such matters are escalated to dispute resolution bodies such as the Tribunal or the Court.

Tax Appeal Tribunal Representation

We have significant experience in representing taxpayers at the Tax Appeals Tribunal and ensuring favourable outcomes.

Tax Refunds and Offset Services

Where a client has substantial tax overpayments with the revenue authorities, we assist in conducting tax refund audit and facilitating the process of recovery of the amounts from the revenue authorities.

Tax Registration and Deregistration

Our firm also facilitates tax registration of companies and individuals and deregistration of the same in case of winding up, dormancy or change of regulations.

Transfer Pricing and International Tax Services

Transfer pricing is increasingly becoming a material risk for taxpayers with related party transactions. It has also become an area of focus for revenue authorities across the world.

Our service transfer pricing service offerings include:

  • Preparation of local, regional and global transfer pricing documentation.
  • Handling transfer pricing audits and reviews
  • Business model restructuring
  • Advance pricing arrangements (“APA”)
  • Debt pricing
  • Transfer pricing training
  • International tax planning and structuring
  • Assistance with setting up offshore holding companies
  • Digital taxation

Tax Health Check

In many instances, organizations have statutory obligations to act as tax collection agents for the government. Naturally, the government wants to ensure that such organizations properly account for the taxes collected and, consequently, there are stringent compliance requirements. Any non-compliance attracts punitive penalties,significant back taxes and loss of preferential tax treatment in some cases.

To accrue the maximum benefit to our clients, we have designed a comprehensive tax health-check that will cover compliance issues with regards to Pay As You Earn (“PAYE”), Value Added Tax (“VAT”), Withholding Tax, Excise Duty, Corporation Taxes and Import Duties. In general, the primary objectives of the review are:

  • To identify areas where the company is not complying with the tax laws and regulations and to advice on how compliance can be achieved. In effect, this reduces the company’s exposure to back taxes and penalties;
  • To identify tax inefficient areas of the company’s operations and to comment on how greater tax efficiency can.
  • To identify areas of the company’s operations for which tax advantages are not being utilized.

Stakeholders Tax Training and Education

We partner with all relevant stakeholders to conduct seminars and specific training on all tax matters. Frequent tax trainings will be conducted either as scheduled by us thought the year or on request by specific stakeholder.

The objective being, to inform, educate and enable taxpayers and revenue authorities to be on the same plane as much as possible.

Tax Accounting - Providing Outsourced Services

We may be appointed as part of the client’s management especially to be in charge of the regular tax processes. The aim being to enable the client be in charge of the operations without worrying about the compliance processes and procedures. Some of such services include:

  • Payroll taxes – monthly.
  • VAT preparation and remissions – monthly.
  • Annual tax returns.
  • Quarterly Instalment taxes.
  • Withholding taxes for payments to suppliers.

Risk, Internal Audit & Assurance Services

Audit and Assurance Services

The purpose of our audit is to provide you with a high quality and cost effective service. This means working closely with you to implement an effective issue-solving mechanism while developing rapid and effective communication. Our team has a strong track record of delivering on challenging audit assignments; not just locally, but internationally. Our audit approach has three core elements that emphasise the following;

  • The importance of focusing on the issues that matter based on effective risk assessment and a thorough understanding of your business;
  • An understanding that getting the basics right is fundamental to us as well as providing a high quality and cost-effective service; and
  • Recognition that, in addition to meeting your statutory obligations, a distinctive audit must provide value.

Internal Audit Services

Executives of companies are today under relentless pressure to identify and manage risks facing them proactively. These are drilled down in their key performance indicators (“KPI”). Internal audit function is increasingly being seen as an important function in every organisation. Organisations therefore require an internal audit function to:

  • Maintain appropriate vigilance over financial processes and controls.
  • Broaden risk coverage (i.e., strategic, operational,compliance, regulatory) to align the internal audit mission with the county’s strategic priorities.
  • Identify new, emerging risks that threaten the reputation of the institution, including risks associated with lack of accountability.
  • Contribute to cost management efforts by identifying process improvement, cost recovery and efficiency opportunities.
  • Coordinate with other risk management functions to avoid duplication of effort and gaps.

Risk and Internal Audit Advisory Services

Faced with increased public scrutiny, new market opportunities, unprecedented regulatory requirements and insufficient risk management guidance, many organizations have come to appreciate the need to turn all the above disruptive forces into opportunities.

At Westminister Consulting, we work with you as strategic partners who will help you manage the risks that are known to you and anticipate the risks that are unknown, thereby putting you in a position to act and give yourself competitive advantage.

Managing risk is critical to the survival of any institution. Risk is a fact of life. The truth is, you cannot always avoid risk altogether; but you can keep it under control. In the business and political landscape in Kenya today, risks are proliferating. We are seeing the agendas of the Boards of Directors in government, the wider public sector as well as the private sector changing. Board members, members of County Assemblies, County Governors, regulators as well as other stakeholders are becoming more risk-savvy and demanding improved risk intelligence and reporting. This is an indication that the government intends to hold Board Members as well as management in all government institutions more accountable. Our specific service offerings Include:

  • Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”)
    • ERM for government
    • ERM for Insurance
    • Development of ERM frameworks
    • Gap analysis of ERM practices
    • Organisational risk assessments
    • Project risk assessments
    • Implementation of ERM frameworks
  • Business Controls Advisory
    • Development of internal control frameworks
    • Facilitation of Control Self Assessments(“CSAs”)
    • Process controls reviews
  • Fraud and Corruption Risk Management

Management Consulting Services

Our management consulting services are comprised of the following:

Strategic business planning

We assist companies in formulating coherent, robust and actionable strategic business plans.

Project Management

Project management is increasingly becoming the single most important determinant of success. This is mainly due to work and indeed job descriptions being increasingly turned to a series of projects. In addition, organisations and departments are at any given time handling many projects simultaneously. To assist our clients, we have developed a methodology that is tailored to ensuring the success of their projects.

Mergers and acquisitions (“M&A”)

we assist entities who are involved on either side of M&A. Our services are not limited to conducting due diligence, we are involved in all the stages of a typical M&A. We also represent clients at the Competition Authority of Kenya in securing the necessary regulatory approvals.

IT Assurance Services

Due to the importance of data and IT systems, it is imperative that companies conduct an independent IT audit to verify the integrity and resilience of their IT systems. To this end, we assist organisations in carrying our independent IT assurance services.

Financial Advisory Services

Westminister Consulting provides appraisal, valuation, and transaction advisory services related to private companies and public organizations throughout Kenya and abroad. Westminister draws on the expertise of our entire firm to provide clients with focused financial advisory services, including:

Business Valuation Services

Westminister provides fair market value business appraisals and business valuations for transaction,development, and internal client purposes.

Capital Asset Appraisal

As it relates specifically to capital asset or personal property appraisal, Westminister Consulting has professionals dedicated to performing asset inventory and equipment/furniture valuations. We specialize in the inventory, tagging and valuation of major moveable equipment, other equipment, furniture, etc.

Transaction Advisory Services

Westminister Consulting has dedicated professionals to assist our clients with their pursuits in buying and/or selling targeted entities.

Valuation for Financial Report Purposes

Westminister Consulting has a team focused in this increasingly important area of financial reporting.

Trade & Customs Advisory Services

We help our clients by providing trade and customs advisory services relating to:

  • Rules of origin
  • Market access
  • Advisory on preferential trade regimes
  • Non-tarrif barriers
  • Common external tariff in respect of EAC
  • Regional and international trade issues.
  • Trade remedies advisory to both Private Sector and Governments
  • Lobbying on trade issues pertaining to regional integration
  • Advisory on cross border trade
  • Advisory on issues to do with competition and monopolies to both private and Public sector Corpora􀆟ons
  • Advisory on trade investment schemes (EPZ, SEZ,) including guidance on mode of Operationalizing SEZs
  • Advisory on Duty remission and Drawback scheme
  • Advisory on Contract manufacturing including Inward and Outward processing
  • Regional and international trade issues.
  • Post clearance audits
  • Handling revenue authority’s audits and representing clients in the Tax Appeals Tribunal.
  • Advisory on Authorized Economic Operation (AEO)status
  • Business Trend Analysis
  • Advisory on Trade policy to National Government
  • Advisory on Scenario planning including analysis of fiscal and non-fiscal measures and impacts on trade
  • Advisory on Digitization of Government initiatives
  • Preparation of Legal instruments to County Governments including trade and Finance Bills
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of Policies to Government and Private Sector.


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Our Team

Meet our team of experts.

HADI SHEIKH Lead Consultant and an Expert on International/Regional Trade and Customs

Hadi is an accomplished domestic tax, customs and trade policy professional. He started his professional career in the Kenya Revenue Authority (“KRA”) where he worked for over 23 years. He is an accomplished tax administrator, tax auditor, tax and trade policy advisor. During his time in KRA, he worked in Income Tax Department as a tax assessor, Audit Manager in Domestic Taxes and Customs Departments.He also served as Head of National Policy and Appeals and later as head of customs and International Tax policy . He was instrumental in shaping National and Regional tax and trade policies. He was also involved in drafting many tax legislations for over two decades. He sat in the board of the Special Economic Zones Authority where he represented KRA and on many occasions advised Government and business on emerging regional trade issues.

Hadi represented KRA at the East African Community (“EAC”) where he has been actively involved in articulating and solving complex customs and trade matters. He was also involved in development of the customs curriculum at the EAC. He presented customs and trade policy papers in various seminars and actively participated in various EAC and World Customs Organization (“WCO”) seminars.

Hadi graduated from Egerton University with a degree in Economics and Sociology and holds a Master of Business Administration (“MBA”) in Business Administration from Moi University.

George Mbatai Lead Consultant in Indirect Taxes

George Mbatai is an accomplished indirect taxes expert. He started his professional career in the Income tax department and later in Kenya Revenue Authority where he worked for nearly 30 years .He worked in the Income Tax as a Tax Assessor and later as an Audit Manager. He also served as a trainer at the KRA Training Institute, Manager in Policy, Member of the Technical forum of the Large Taxpayer office,Member of The East African Revenue Authorities Technical Committee and a chief Manager in the Large Taxpayer office handling various technical issues .He played a big role in shaping Domestic tax policy in Kenya especially in Income Tax, VAT and Excise.

Mbatai is a certified public account and sat at the Finance subcommittee of the Institute of Certified Public accountants of Kenya(ICPAK) .He is also a certified Public Secretary. He graduated from the University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

MICHAEL LUGAIYA Senior Consultant and Expert on Regional Trade and Customs

Michael is a holder of Master of Laws degree specialising in commercial Laws, a seasoned tax lawyer who has worked with the Tanzania Revenue Authority for more than fifteen years and the East African Community Secretariat for ten years.

He was admitted as an advocate in June 1997 and has remained active in practice where he has handled complex litigation cases in various fields ranging from taxation, contract, company, labour, administrative, customs and trade laws. He was instrumental in developing and coordinating the implementation of the EAC Customs laws, particularly the EAC Customs Management Act and its regulations, the EAC Duty Remission Scheme and the EAC Rules of Origin and the COMESA, EAC & SADC Tripartite laws.

Zaki Sheikh Senior Consultant and Expert on International Tax and Transfer Pricing

Zaki Sheikh is a qualified tax profession who has several years’ experience in providing value added tax and consulting services. He has been involved in advising clients undergoing business restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, business planning, conducting due diligences, handling tax authority disputes and advising clients on optimal and robust tax structures. He also has an in-depth understanding and experience in international tax and transfer pricing. Zaki has several years’ experience in a big four firm both in Kenya and Australia. Zaki assisted one of the first special economic zone (“SEZ”) in Kenya to secure developer, operator and enterprise licenses. He has since advised entities located in this SEZ to secure SEZ licenses. He has provided tax consultancy services to clients in Kenya such as Safaricom Limited, Tatu City Limited, Citibank N.A. Limited, Kenya Airways Limited, Standard Chartered Bank Kenya Limited, Rea Vipingo Group, Hass Petroleum Group, Williamson Tea Group, General Electric East Africa Limited, Hilton Nairobi Limited, Kenya Data Networks, Cargill Kenya Limited, Scan Group Limited, Ecobank Kenya Limited among others. In Australia, Zaki’s main clients were Apple Australia, Glencore Australia, News Corporation, Federal Express Australia, Yum Australia (KFC and Pizza Hut Global Franchise Owners), Toshiba Australia, Aon Australia, Peabody Energy among others.

Zaki graduated from Strathmore University with a First Class Bachelor of Commerce degree specializing in Business Administration and Finance. He is also a member of the Tax Institute of Australia (“TIA”) and ACCA. Zaki is a registered Tax Agent.

Daniel Kimotho Senior Consultant and Expert on Trade and Customs

Mr.Daniel Kimotho is a Customs and Trade Expert with over fifteen years’ experience in the Public Sector. He worked at the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) for a span of 15 years rising the ranks to a senior manager at the Policy and Technical division of Customs and Border Control Department. At the Policy Division in KRA ,he was responsible for Customs Policy formulation, Technical and Legal Interpretation of Tax laws, Fiscal Budget support at both the National(Kenya) and Regional(East African Community) levels.Mr.Kimotho worked closely with various stakeholders including the National Treasury where he was a member of the National Budget Committee, Ministry of Trade and Industrialisation, Ministry of East African Community, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, among others. At the Regional and International level he closely worked with the East African Community, Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa(COMESA),African Continental Free Trade Area(ACFTA),World Customs Organisation(WCO) among others.Mr.Kimotho has represented Kenya at various engagements and negotiation forums across the globe.

Prior to working at the Policy Division, he worked in other various positions involving trade facilitation and investigations. He trained at the CID training school on Investigations and Prosecution and is an Associate Member of Association of Fraud Examiners.

Mr.Kimotho studied Economics and Operations Management at the University of Nairobi. In addition Mr.Kimotho studied Economic Policies at the Policy Research Institute(PRI),Ministry of Finance,Japan and Economic Diplomacy by the London School of Economics.

Abdulbasid Ahmed Senior Consultant and Expert on Tax arbitration

Abdulbasid has several years’ experience having worked at KPMG and PriceWaterhouseCoopers (“PwC”) both in Kenya and Bermuda. He has been instrumental in audits of such leading clients as Citibank N.A, Gulf African Bank, Homegrown (a leading horticulture and flower exporter), Atlas Copco, Old Mutual, I&M Bank, De La Rue, Spectre International amongst others.

In Bermuda has been involved in the audits of alternative investments funds such as Hedge Funds, private equity firms and firms that invest in insurance linked securities. Firms audited by Abdulbasid include Fidelity international Limited (“FIL”), Cartesian Fund, Swiss Marine, Schlumberger Limited amongst others. Abdulbasid is well versed in International Financial Reporting Standards (“IFRS”), International Auditing Standards (“IAS”), US GAAP and UK GAAP.

He graduated from the University of Manchester with a First Class Honours degree in Accounting and Business Information Systems. He also member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (“ACCA”) and is a Certified Public Accountant (“CPA-K”). Abdulbasid was a pioneer member of the Tax Appeals Tribunal which settles disputes between taxpayers and KRA.

Cindy Mochere Associate

Cindy Mochere is an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya .She graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree (LLB) (Hons) from Catholic University of Eastern Africa before proceeding to the Kenya School of Law where she undertook the Advocates Training Program and graduated with a post graduate diploma in Law.

Cindy's main areas of practice include Mergers & Acquisitions and General Corporate and Commercial Regulatory Advice.Cindy is currently undertaking a post graduate diploma in Tax Administration at the Kenya School of Revenue.

Awatif Mohamed Farid Accounts and Administration

Awatif Mohamed Farid graduated from Coventry university with a honours degree in Accounting and finance. She also has a diploma in accounting from Asia Pacific University, Malaysia. Her main areas of interest are accounting and Finance. She is enrolled at the Kenya School of Revenue to pursue a post graduate diploma in tax administration

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